About us

Our mission

Projenor has a clear mission to support the development of the community, adding value to each project developed. To this end, it seeks to reconcile the conservation of our built past with the construction of a more sustainable future by presenting sustainable, rigorous and optimized engineering and architectural solutions.

Our vision

Our vision relies on the continuous affirmation of Projenor as a reference in each of our areas of activity in Civil Engineering and Architecture. We want to strengthen our position at regional level as a multidisciplinary design project and consulting firm, and expand the areas of heritage and building rehabilitation, and building construction. The fulfillment of our vision is focused on continuous improvement, high technical quality, professional ethics, and on-going counseling in decision-making, bringing creativity and experience to all challenges.

Our values. Our work is our legacy.


We believe that sustainability lies in optimized solutions that minimize the consumption of resources and consider the life cycle of all materials used. In our projects, we seek to promote the reuse of existing materials and elements, transforming them in valuable assets and differentiating elements.


We know that not all challenges have an easy answer and all projects have their specificities, therefore we are committed to constantly update our knowledge and to search for the most appropriate and innovative solutions to incorporate into our projects.


Cooperation is the basis of our work, because of the constant need to work in multidisciplinary teams and to coordinate a great variety of projects and activities. We believe that it is essential to share information, be flexible and exchange ideas to get the best possible solution for the customer.


We are passionate about our work and we want to share it with our customers and the community that we belong to. We are committed to a healthy and open-minded work environment and to professional growth within the company. We are our team.


In all our projects, we present the most reliable and adequate solution, always balancing the technical and socio-economic aspects. In construction, we ensure a product of lasting quality with our team of very talented professionals and by giving attention to all construction details.


We put our best efforts into each project and give all the support to achieve the objectives outlined. We thrive on finishing each project with a sense of fulfillment, always respecting all technical and ethical principles.