We are currently developing projects for all the disciplines required for buildings such as architecture, structures, thermal, acoustics, gas, water supply and drainage systems, electricity, among others. In parallel, we also develop project coordination, project management, technical consulting, advanced numerical analysis, and engineering research and development.


Our approach to the conservation of the built heritage and existing structures is multidisciplinary and holistic, based on inspection, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring. We perform visual inspection, damage maps, non-destructive tests, structural and seismic assessment, structural strengthening and seismic retrofit projects among other services.


In construction, we act with transparency and quality, respecting project deadlines and budgets. We are experts on assessing and repairing localised damage, with quick and efficient interventions. We also focus on refurbishments, rehabilitation and new construction from concrete to timber, always finding the best and most durable solutions. 

A few things we’re great at

Multidisciplinary project design and coordination

We design and prepare all engineering projects needed for licensing and construction, regarding buildings and other types of structures.
Our projects have attention to details and to compatibility between different engineering and architecture projects, enabling greater control or savings over construction time and cost.

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Inspection, repair and retrofit of existing and heritage structures

We propose precise, efficient, and sustainable interventions that result from a detailed assessment process and consider the objectives of the owner. We perform visual inspections, which may be accompanied, if necessary, by non-destructive testing.
We also perform structural and seismic vulnerability assessments.

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Design of timber structures and sustainable structures

In our timber structure projects, we pay attention to all the technical and aesthetic specificities. Our projects include all the technical details of connections and construction recommendations. Our experience and knowledge allow us to embrace challenging structures and materials as well as sculptures and art installations.

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Our work is our legacy.

Projenor was founded in 1987, in Vila Real, Portugal, with a clear mission to support the development of the community. Projenor seeks to reconcile the conservation of our built heritage with the construction of a more sustainable future.

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Some of the projects we were part of


PROJENOR|Project | VillaSol housing development

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PROJENOR|Project | Multifamily building in Vila Real’s city center

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PROJENOR|Project | Sewage treatment facility of Cachão

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PROJENOR|Project | Instruction and training centre of the Voluntary Firefighters of Cruz Verde of Vila Real

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PROJENOR|Project | Miracorgo Hotel

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PROJENOR|Construction | Single-family house in Vila Real city center

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